Milt Rosenberg Strikes Back

I’m happy to share with you, dear readers, that Milt Rosenberg has returned to the radio waves, via his new podcast.

Milt Rosenberg

Around the turn of last year, Milt was removed through what he described as a “mutual” decision from WGN’s Radio’s Extension 720 talk show.  Milt hosted for 39 years and was a Chicago institution.  “Publicly, I want to say it’s mutual. Obviously, they initiated it,” Milt said.  The show was a two hour format of questions and answers plus callers’ questions and comments.  He interviewed literally thousands of the most interesting people of a generation, from Margaret Thatcher to Bill Murray.

At any rate, in a rare display of foolishness… WGN and Milt parted ways.  This was a real shame as he was one of the few non flaming libs on WGN, but also because Milt was one of the 3 social psychologists I respected…

And now, he’s back!  Milt’s first guest in this new format:  Mark Steyn.  Enjoy, I’ll imbed it below.  All of his guests to date in the podcast format have been great.  Check it out.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up…..yes, it is nice to have you back in the saddle!

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